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Discover our Bed & Breakfast rooms and the Côte d’Opale, Nord Pas-de-Calais region.

Béatrice will guide you according to your desires : nature walks, recreation, night life, historical momumnets, restaurants……
While waiting to come to La Haute Muraille, please find a few going out and visit ideas in order to discover our beautiful region :


Plage Grand fort Philippe

Grand Fort Philippe Beach

La Plage de Petit-Fort-Philippe is a family beach where numerous activities are proposed from June to Septembre. Children can benefit of the Beach Club while parents take advantage of the beach cabins.

The Blue Flag floating over the Petit-Fort-Philippe beach, guarantees water, equipment and beach animation quality. In addition, the beach is accessible to anyone including persons with disabilities and reduced mobility. In 2007, Petit-Fort-Philippe has been awarded the label for « Tourisme et Handicap ».

The beach is 3 km wide hence making yachting and kite surfing activities possible. Its water station received a 3rd star this year.

Its 1,5 km pier is ideal for water front walks…

The fine sand beach of Oye-plage is located within a protected natural reserve spans for 11 km, delimited by sandy dunes home to a protected wetland, acting as a refuge for migratory birds, ducks and highlands cows.

For wild beach lovers, the place is exceptional having been kept in its natural state, with no human constructions.

Benefit from lifeguards services ensuring that the little ones can play with water in full security. The beach is supervised in July and August.

Beach access is done via small wooden stairs and a few steps further the ocean, sand castles and sun rays await you.
Its also an ideal setting to move with nature: horse rides, fishing at sea, and other sportive activities.


The Platier d’Oye (Platier means flat land) is a locality belonging to the town of Oye-Plage. It covers 400 hectares with a 3,5 km sea side. Its a polder which was formed by the apparition of sandbanks in the 17th century, of which 300 hectares are classified as a natural reserve. The natural reserve of Platier d’Oye is home to a multitude of migrating birds. From its observatory, you can enjoy the wetlands, paths delimited by sea buckthorns and rose hips, giving the Platier d’Oye its floristic and faunal wealth.

Guided tours every 1st Sundays of the month at 0930

The PAarc is a sports base for top tier teams in search of a verdant green landscape offering an unprecedented training facility.
The PAarc is also an ideal family recreation centre also for groups or businesses that wish to organize seminaries.

With an ecological trait, it acts as a wildlife nature reserve and is made up of long hiking, biking and horse trails for you to enjoy a restful or sportive outings.



Cap blanc nez

Cap blanc nez

The emblematic Région Nord-Pas de Calais site of the two caps

Its been one of the first national site to be recognize in 1978. Overlooking the sea, facing England, the Grand Site des Deux-Caps obtained the prestigious label Grand Site de France. A national recognition for this landscape spreading over 23 km.
Must discover it !

Dive into one of the largest European complex dedicated to the marine universe…
Between giant aquariums, discovery areas, expositions and animal sanctuaries, embark in an unforgettable voyage at the heart of the oceans.
A unique experience in order to better understand a magical world: the marine life.


The région Nord pas de Calais is a rich cultural and heritage area. Will guide you to a few sites nearby La Haute Muraille:

Gravelines is the northernmost fortified city in France, and is now part, this since 2009, of the highly exclusive circle of the top 100 most beautiful detours in France!


LThe Museum of Drawing and Original Prints is located in the Gravelines arsenal.
This museum is dedicated to the technics and the history of print and also welcomes temporary expositions and holds a reserve of masterpieces and a collection of accessible prints.
It consists of 4 rooms: the powder room, the pillar room, the bread oven, the artillery bunker of the entrance tower.


Come discover the sculptural masterpiece of Anthony Caro. Live the exceptional meeting between contemporary art, architecture and the sacred.

Building was designated as a jail in 1550.
Bâtiment nommé prison en 1550. The facade, roof and dungeons are classified historic monument. Built in yellow brick with stone framed windows. Above the front door you find a sundial. Behind the heavy oak door you have access to two isolation rooms boasting authentic graffiti , mostly dating from the Second World War. Other convicts were locked in cells with double doors. On the ground floor, a Flemish kitchen is restored.

The International City of Lace and Fashion opened its doors within one if the last large factoried dating back to 1870.

Covering 2500 m², the permanent exhibition offer five sequences:

  • lace by hand ;
  • industrial adventure of lace in Calais ;
  • the mechanical bobbin lace machines and the production workshope with four working leavers bobbin lace machines ;
  • lace facshion the twentieth centeury ; lace at present, and future.

Meanwhile, several workshops provide an introduction to the practice of lace techniques , the fashion designs and design or maintenance of lace.


Located at the foot of the Petit-Fort-Philippe lighthouse, the Jean Binard Nautical and Outdoor Base offers you the possibility to discover to boating world through a different activities: sailing, yachting, canoeing , fishing, banana boat, rowing , kite

Dependent on the municipal structure of the Department of Sports the Jean Binard Nautical and Outdoor Base adapts to your needs by offering you tailored services: courses, private lessons, equipment rental, municipal schools, discovery classes, business seminar, training and qualifications Permits…

Recharge your energy with Sportica! Pool , bowling, cinema , squash, badminton , skating , martial arts and of course basketball…


A direct extension of woodlands, the Galamé Park is the new touristic showcase in Loon. A model in terms of environmental protection. Five major elements composes this 4.5 hectare site with a strong emphasis on differentiated management. A 1.5 hectare water way consists of a plant filtration system creating the healthiest water possible. The buildings are heated according to the geothermal principle. The solarium , built with harvested soil following the construction of the water way, lets you take advantage of the sun and provides a stunning view over the children’s playground. The thematic gardens, amoungst other things, clarify the path to take to protect the environment. The chromatic garden offers, through it’s colors combinations, what constitutes the wealth of biodiversity. The recycled garden, entirely constructed from glass, tires and plastic materials, exposes to the public the decomposition of objects. The bubble garden, the geometric garden, the wave garden where sound, noise, memories and the vegetable garden letting visitors admire vegetables in very large wicker baskets and travel on hazelnut bark littering the ground.
A great invitation for a fun and instructive journey to discover our heritage while respecting the beautiful legacy for of kids.


Come discover major retailers in the Cité Europe shopping center : men’s fashion, women’s fashion, travel agency, but also well-being, household appliances, food…
Discover all the offers and services at Cité Europe: shopping, recreation, relaxation in your shopping center. You will find on website all the practical information you need : access to the center, opening hours, list of boutiques.

Discover the different areas that make up Le Nord pas de Calais and its different regions .

Discover the back country: St Omer et les Marais,the Blockaus of Eperlecques, Helfaut-Wizernes and » La Coupole » etc.